For Arduino classes we are using an open-source electronics platform. In addition It is vary easy-to-use its hardware and software. These boards can read inputs and response according to it. Above all you can tell something to your board to perform any task. To do so firstly you use the Arduino programming language and the Arduino Software (IDE). And then a Hardware board for this.

On the other hand over the years Arduino is going to be the brain of thousands of projects. In the same way Almost everyone is focusing on Arduino classes with ABCROB. For example students, hobbyists, artists, programmers, and professionals are In other words as a result they are converting there imagination to real projects or gadgets. So if you want to be skilled with these technologies then you can contact us for the training. During the training you can some projects also. To clarify it you can see the index below.

Arduino Classes according to Days

2 Days Training5 Days Training
LED blinkingLED blinking Different patterns
ON/OFF AC appliances @ some delayOn/Off AC appliances
Automatic Street lightsLeaser Light based security System
Analogue Sensor programmingLeaser controlled counter system
Display Light sensor valueDisplay Light Intensity on LCD display (16×2)
ON/OFF Bulb according to daylightButton / Switch Interfacing
Internet of Things (Website)Display B/W Surface color on LCD
Wi-Fi Module interfacingDisplay ADC data on LCD
Sending data to local web browserSend text message from MCU
Sending data to InternetSend data to Local browser using Wi-Fi commands
IoT Home automationSend data to IoT platform using Wi-Fi commands
ON/OFF AC appliances using Wi-Fi
Industry’s Production Monitoring system

15 Days Training1 Month Training
LED blinkingBasics of Microcontroller
ON/OFF AC appliances @ some delayDisplay Light Intensity on LCD display (16×2)
ADC programmingADC Programming (Advanced)
LCD (16X2) ProgrammingUSART Communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS,)
Communication protocol (For all Comm. sensor)Timmer Programming
GSM ModulePWM based Projects on MCU
GPS TrackerMotor Interfacing
Bluetooth Module CommunicationServo Motor Based Projects
Autonomous BOTSPI Programming and Projects
Bluetooth Controlled BOTI2C Protocol and Hands-on Projects
Bluetooth controlled Home automationWi-Fi Module AT commands
SMS controlled AC AppliancesON/OFF AC appliances using Wi-Fi
Phone Call Based applicationsIndustry’s Production Monitoring system
IoT (Internet of Things)IoT (Internet of Things)
In other words during the training generally we cover base topics. Consequently with these topics you can cover all the projects related to this Protocol.

Some videos of the running projects made by students after Training

Prototype of RADAR SYSTEMs

Making of Line follower

Obstacle avoider

Online Workshop on blue tooth sensor

Project in UK, 5 days Hands-on training

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